Teaching at Earth Village Education (EVE) in Marshall, VA

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to teach two classes at Earth Village Education (EVE) in Marshall, VA just about an hour or so from DC.  The school sits upon Overlook Farm, MORE ABOUT OVERLOOK FARM/EVE HERE.  There were pigs, chickens, an organic garden, cute cats and dapper dogs, and some pretty awesome people too.  I was invited to teach over the summer by my long time friend and past co-worker Tom Brown III, whom I use to work with at The Tracker School.  If you haven’t heard of the Tracker School before, it is run by Tom Brown Jr and is a great Nature Awareness and Wilderness Survival School, out of Waretown, NJ.  I highly recommend taking their week long ‘Standard’ class if you are at all interested in upping your wilderness survival skills.  Any



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