Wooly Nester-Bird Nesting Ball


*My wooly nesters provide a safe and fun source of natural nesting materials for our fine feathered friends.

*Choose from the small 4inch nester or the larger more dramatic 6inch nester

*Can also be used as rustic decor inside the home

*Makes a perfectly unique gift



The sound of birds chirping behind the gusting of the wind. The flapping of the wings, right outside of the window. It’s as if the beauty of the day was lifted by the birds themselves.

This could be your everyday reality with the addition of our Wooly Nesters! We’ve stuffed grapevine balls with our soft, hand-cut wool to create a comforting attraction for birds. Birds love the wool just like we do, the soft texture and the soul-touching colors.

The Wooly Nesters come in two sizes – a 6 inch and 4 inch version. Fit it to your garden, your yard. Hang from a bird feeder or a tree, the birds love it all the same. And if the wool gets picked, simply use tweezers or a chop stick to keep the ball looking great.

Not only do the nesters attract birds and look great, they help the environment. We use wool scraps from our other products. This recycling helps keep our products in use and out of land fills! The birds also use the wool scraps for nest instead of other materials, which is healthier for them and can foster a more nurturing environment.

Order your Wooly Nester and enjoy the peaceful tranquility that the birds will bring. Relax and revitalize!

***Colors are picked at random
***Please let me know if you want Christmas/Holiday colors! (Red/Green/White & Blue/White Etc)
***If you would like certain colors/all white please let me know in the *notes to seller* box so I can check my stash!

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