Extra Large Felted Wool Dryer Balls – 4 Pack


Save Time

Save Money

Save The Environment One Load at a Time

Contains 4 Extra Large Felted Wool Dryer Balls



Extra Large Wool Roving Dryer Balls are an green choice for your families laundry needs. Save time, money and the environment one load at a time! Lessen your families exposure to nasty chemicals by using all natural 100% wool roving dryer balls.

What are dryer balls?
Dryer balls are used in your clothes dryer to help speed up drying process. They tumble around, creating space and more air flow as your cloths are drying. This space really does significantly speed up the drying time. I’ve personally noticed about a 25-30% reduction in drying time. In fact when you use these dryer balls you won’t have to use fabric softener any more! Yup, that’s right! The balls naturally soften your clothes by creating gentle friction while your clothes are tumbling around your dryer.

Why don’t I just throw in some tennis balls?
Well because tennis balls are made with plastic, dye and who knows what else. When the dryer heats up, so do the balls, and then they can leach out chemicals onto your clothes…eewww!!!!! With my natural wool dryer balls, that doesn’t happen, there are no chemicals, it’s just wool.

These extra large dryer balls are felted using 100% natural un-dyed wool roving. Using wool roving allows for a more stable dryer ball and ensures they will not come apart.

The larger 2oz size makes them more efficient as well – more efficient means more savings overall! The roving that I use is unbleached and all natural. You might notice a few black or gray fibers, this is totally natural and just a variation in the wool from the sheep used.

Miss the scents that dryer sheets offered, no worries! Add essential oils to your dryer balls for $3. Just choose from the list of oils to add an all natural fragrance to your next load of laundry.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 7 x 4 in

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